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Yameru Toki mo ( 2020 )


Nonton Film Yameru Toki mo ( 2020 ) Streaming Movie Subtitle Indonesia Gratis Download Online

Ichiharu Sudo (Taisuke Fujigaya) is a furniture craftsman. He is very serious about his craft and becomes immersed in his work, but he has a hard time to create a new work that can surpass that of his teacher. This causes him to go into a slump. Ichiharu Sudo meets Sakurako Motohashi (Nao). Sakurako Motohashi works at an advertising company and she isn’t very good when it comes to dating. These two people become attracted to each other, but they both carry emotional wounds that they don’t talk about.

Ichiharu Sudo can’t get over the death of a person who was very important to him. For about a week every December, Ichiharu Sudo loses his voice. Meanwhile, Sakurako Motohashi’s father went bankrupt. She has supported her family since that time, but she wants to run away from her situation. Ichiharu Sudo and Sakurako Motohashi begin to date for themselves.